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About Us

We specialise in getting you dancing Brazilian Zouk

We offer Brazilian Zouk dance classes, workshops, performances and entertainment, based in Adelaide, South Australia

If you want to learn how to dance, whilst meeting fun people and being part of the vibrant dance scene in Adelaide, then you’ve come to the right place.  We pride ourselves on offering a comfortable and welcoming environment for all to learn to dance with confidence and style.


Please take a look around our website for all the latest information about classes, performance teams, social nights and entertainment we offer – we’d love to meet you.

From complete beginner to experienced dancer, we’ve got something for you!

Group Classes

Group classes run every Wednesday evening, with 3 levels of classes for people of all skill level. No partner necessary!


Take the opportunity to sharpen your skills on the stage and perform in a team on the local and national stage.

Social Dancing

Dance the night away at our fun Zouk Night dance parties while applying what you've learnt in class and meeting new people.

Private Lessons

Want to speed up your learning? Then private lessons are a great way to improve your dancing fast - talk to us about how we can help!


We offer an array of classes, workshops, performances and dance parties

Weekly Group Classes

Group classes run every Wednesday evening, with 3 levels of classes for people of all skill levels.  No partner is necessary! 

6:30pm – Zouk Fundamentals/Beginners
7:30pm – Intermediate Zouk
8:30pm – Advanced Zouk (invitation only)  


Zouk Night Dance Parties

Zouk Night dance parties give students an opportunity to apply their learnings and enjoy the social side of partner dancing.  Parties are held monthly, generally on the first Friday of the Month – check out our Facebook events for the next party so you can come join the fun!


Performance Teams

Our teams perform on some of the biggest Zouk stages in Australia. Performance teams are run during the year to perform at both local and interstate events and festivals, and are a great way to extend your skills and have fun on the stage.

See us in class about the next performance team opportunities coming up.

Learn to dance Brazilian Zouk with us!

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